Typing Shortcode

Typing Effect allows you to generate a shortcode that will ‘type out’ words on to a page or post, in a widget or directly in a theme or template file.

Get Started


Add data-typing="string, to, type" attribute to your element, which contains comma separated strings to type.


Our template is


Our template is


There's a lot of options to change the behavior of the typing text.

Type Speed

Add data-type-speed="10" to change type speed. Default is 50.

Our template is

Backspace Speed

Add data-back-speed="100" to change backspace speed. Default is 30.

Our template is

Disable Loop

Add data-loop="false" attribute to disable loop.

Our template is

Backspace Delay

Use data-back-delay="2000" to change the amount of delay before backspacing in milliseconds. Default is 800.

Our template is

Type Pausing

You can pause in the middle of a string for a given amount of time by including an escape character. The following example has data-typing="beautiful, super ^1000 fast, so ^2000 clean, awesome!".

Our template is